Can I grow these plants if I live in an apartment?
Sure! Piccolo, as the name implies, specializes in researching and selecting dwarf vegetables that have compact habits, suitable for growing in pots on a balcony or terrace in an urban vegetable garden.

What do you mean by ‘suitable for growing in pots’?
Try to think of a Saint Bernard and a Chihuahua in a mini apartment. Which would be more comfortable? In the same way, living in a pot or another tight space can be difficult for vegetables that are too exuberant. But, choosing varieties that by nature tend to occupy little space and have fewer nutritional needs will produce happier plants and more-satisfied horticulturists.

Can I use these seeds in the vegetable garden?
Sure! Just as the Chihuahua is happy to run in a beautiful open meadow, these plants will appreciate the richness of a spacious vegetable garden.

What do you mean by ‘vegetable varieties’?
These are cultivars, or cultivated varieties, selected by humans over millennia to improve or modify the original species’ organoleptic and physiological characteristics—appearance, flavor and resistance. In the case of our vegetables, the characteristics selected were mainly size and habit.

Are they GMO seeds or hybrids?
Absolutely not! All the varieties we sell are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO.

What does ‘open pollinated’ mean?
When selection of these characteristics occurs naturally, the varieties thus created are defined as 'open pollinated'. This means that the seeds produced by the plant, if re-seeded the following year, will yield a plant that has the same characteristics, unless the plant has been naturally pollinated by insects or other pollinating agents.

Where do the seeds come from?
From controlled, certified cultivations that are Italian, EU or Extra-EU.

Are they organic seeds?
Unfortunately, no. The explanation for this is very simple: the varieties that we offer are in some cases so particular and rare that it is not always possible to find them in organic forms. But, we make every effort to find them in organic forms.

Are the seeds treated?
No, our seeds do not undergo any chemical treatment before being packed.

How many seeds are there in each sachet?
The number of seeds varies from vegetable to vegetable, depending on the size of the seed, the type of plant and its rarity. Each sachet reports the number of seeds it contains.

Can I sow the seeds at any time of the year?
No. Usually vegetables are sown in spring and harvested from summer to autumn. Most vegetables are annual, meaning that their life cycle ends. However, perennial plants can survive and bloom again the following spring.

Do we need special tools or skills?
No, seeds in nature grow without anyone taking care of them! It is only a matter of re-creating the conditions suitable for germination—temperature and humidity—and paying attention to the seeds, especially in the early stages. Some tools, including germinators, soil and sprinklers, can be very helpful for good sowing.

How are the seeds packed?
To assure the best quality and germination, the seeds are packed in thermo-sealed paper bags. Then, each sachet is inserted into a folded leaflet made of completely recyclable FSC paper.

Do the seeds have an expiry date?
Some seeds can germinate even after centuries, so they really don’t have an expiry date. Naturally, their germination decreases with time, but if they are well preserved in a cool, dry place, they can last for years. Our seeds show, on each sachet, the packaging date and the maximum recommended time limit to guarantee a good sowing.

How does shipping work?
The seeds are living things, so to ensure their quality, we pay particular attention to packaging and shipping speed. You can find all the details about shipments here. (link shipping and refunds)

How can I pay?
Through our online store, using either a credit card or PayPal. We also accept bank transfers. You can find all the details about payment here. (link terms and conditions)

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