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The Spacemaster Cucumber, as the name suggests, is a master at saving space. Its short, compact vines need only half the space of standard cucumbers, providing a great alternative to ganglier varieties! The Spacemaster was developed specifically as a compact slicing variety by the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. The cucumber plant’s origins, however, can be traced back to India’s Himalayan Mountains over 3,000 years ago. Proof of this can be found in the popularity of cucumber in traditional Asian and Russian recipes. Although the cucumber arrived in Europe many moons ago, the greatest variety of cucumber colours and shapes can still be found in its birth country.



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Latin name
Cucumis sativus



40 seeds

Plant size
Height 70 cm
Width 30 cm

Container size
Height 30 cm
Width 30 cm

Companion plant
Lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions, nasturtiums, chamomile.

How to grow

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Indoor Not required
Outdoor Apr-May

Germination 7-15 days
Harvesting 50-70 days

When sowing 3-5 cm; Depth 1 cm
When transplanting 10-20 cm

Sunligth Full sun.
Soil Well-drained, moist and fertile soil.
Watering Regular, abundant watering.
Feeding Heavy feeder.

Expert tip The Spacemaster’s short, manageable vines do not require pruning. Although it is not strictly necessary, a trellis or support is recommended to keep the vines off the ground, increase air circulation and help prevent powdery mildew from forming.

Grow alongside pollinator-friendly plants to attract bees and promote pollination.
Sow radishes around cucumber plants to repel cucumber beetle.

How to eat

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Pick Spacemaster Cucumbers as soon as they reach 15–20cm – or even before. The plant will stop producing if overly mature fruits remain on the vine.

Medicinal properties We’ve all heard the myth of placing cucumber slices on puffy eyes, but there is some science behind the idea – why not give it a go?
How to eat Pick them during their early stages and dice them up for use in a myriad of pickled cucumber recipes available: brined pickles, kosher pickles, bread and butter pickles, candied pickles, Polish-style, German-style, Hungarian-style, Swedish-style, Danish-style, Russian-style, Chinese-style, Korean-style…the list is endless!

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