Wormwood (Absinthe)

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Artemisia, named after the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, is a herbaceous perennial plant with silvery-green leaves, famously known as the main ingredient of absinthe. This legendary liqueur was first created in 1792 by French doctor Pierre Ordinaire as a handy remedy form of the plant, which long had been known to have powerful healing properties. Commercial absinthe production began thanks to his son-in-law, Henry-Louis Pernod. The rest is history, and by the end of the 19th century, the bohemian literary crowd, who gathered in European cafes and claimed liqueurs as their muse and inspiration, embraced absinthe.  


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Latin name
Artemisia absinthium

800 seeds



Short description
"What is it in absinthe that makes it a separate cult?"

Plant size
Height 90 cm
Width 60 cm

Container size
Height 30 cm
Width 30 cm

Companion plant
Carrots, onions, leeks

How to grow

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Indoor Not required 
Outdoor Apr-June

Germination 7-21 days
Harvesting 240 days

When sowing 5 cm; Depth 0,5 cm
When thinning 10 cm

Sunligth Full sun to partial shade
Soil Any well-drained soil
Watering Regular watering, allow to dry out
Feeding Addition of fertilizer is not necessary

Expert tip Wormwood is remarkable for its tolerance for poor growing conditions. Although it is not typically vulnerable to disease, keep in mind that overwatering can lead to root rot.

Pollinators Attracts bees and other pollinators  
Pests Tends to repel certain insect pests

How to eat

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The best time to harvest is just as the flowers are blooming, when the phytochemicals are at their highest. Choose a dry, sunny day and harvest after all morning dew has dried from the plants. Collect into small bunches and hang to dry.

Medicinal properties Since ancient times, wormwood has been used as a medicinal herbal remedy for countless diseases.
How to eat Although making absinthe at home may seem a bit tricky, you can find many kits on the market that will help you turn ordinary neutral grain spirits into a delicious absinthe infusion. The blend of herbs and spices contains many ingredients, but magic Artemisia is without a doubt the one ingredient you’ll want to grow on your own.

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