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Piccolo Grow Kit is a grow kit made to give the basic tools to start a small garden indoor. Here you will find three gorgeous chili varieties.

Jalapeño: also know it by the names chile gordo, this mild chili is usually eaten at the green stage, either fresh or pickled.
Cayenne Long Slim: generally found in its ground form, either being dried and pounded to a powder, it is a medium hot pepper from the Carribean.
Lemon Habanero: named after the city of La Havana in Cuba, is a lantern-shaped chili that matures from green to lemon yellow very very hot!

Piccolo Grow Kit features a set of 3 Seed Packets and a starter kit made of coir pots and peat pellets. The box, once reversed inside-out, can be used to keep precious little things or to ship a gift to a loved one.

You will have the basic kit to successfully start your seedlings from seed, no matter your black thumb!

This box contains

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3 x Chili seed packets (Jalapeño, Cayenne Long Slim, Lemon Habanero)

3 x Round Coir Pots

3 x Organic Peat Starter Pellet

1 x Reversible and Reusable Box

Box size

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20 x 15 x 8 cm (l x w x h)

Recommended for

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Garden amateurs, beginners, smart kids

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