Snapdragon Brighton Rock

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Snapdragon Brighton Rock is an heirloom variety that comes with a lovely blend of pastel bi-coloured blooms. The common name snapdragon originates from the fact that the flower looks like a dragon's mouth having its throat squeezed. If that’s not bizarre enough, the flower seed pods turn into creepy skulls when they die. Perhaps it is because of this ambiguous appearance that in the Victorian language of flowers, it symbolised deception and presumption. Fun fact: Only large insects like bumblebees can pollinate snapdragons because the petals are too heavy for smaller insects to push apart.   


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Latin name
Antirrhinum majus

1500 seeds


Brighton Rock

Short description
An old-fashioned flower, a treasure for bumblebees

Plant size
Height 45 cm
Width 45 cm

Container size
Height 20 cm
Width 20 cm

Companion plant
Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, melons, flowers

How to grow

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Indoor Not required 
Outdoor Apr-June

Germination 15-20 days
Harvesting 100 days

When sowing 5 cm; Depth 0,5 cm
When thinning 10 cm

Sunligth Full sun
Soil Any soil
Watering Regular watering, not overdone
Feeding Light feeder

Expert tip After they are done blooming, trim the plants back, and they quickly will begin blooming again. If spent blooms are regularly cut back, the plants will flower from early summer right through to mid-autumn.

Pollinators Attracts bumblebees  
Pests --

How to eat

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The best time to cut snapdragons is in the morning. Put the flower stalks directly into water. That said, when the plant is in bloom, they help attract pollinators like bumblebees.

Medicinal properties Snapdragon leaves and flowers are said to be anti-inflammatory.
How to eat While using flowers in foods is an old practice, some flowers used for garnish are suited for just that – garnish. Eating snapdragon flowers is a perfect example: Even though they won’t really add anything to your culinary palate, they are pretty and will add a nice shade of colour to your plate.

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