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We are happy to introduce Real Shit founders and their brand. Thanks to their farmyard organic manure your city gardens will never be the same!

750g of top quality organic manure, prepared the way it used to be: no industries, no synthetic chemical fertilisers, just cows, chickens and nine months of waiting. Real shit is a 100% wholesome farmyard manure dedicated to Urban Farmers. It is collected from selected farms in the Veneto Region in the North of Italy. It is produced according to the rural Italian tradition of “manure heaps”, in which piles of manure are left for nine months and turned over seven times to allow for perfect ripening. This ancient process reduces bacterial load, eliminates weed seeds and enriches the fertiliser with nutrients vital to plant growth.

Manure has a dual effect. Not only does it feeds the plants, it also nourishes the soil that is otherwise starved by synthetic chemical fertilisers.

Contains: 750 grams of pelleted organic manure, contained in a cardboard can, with innovative design.

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