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Libereso Guglielmi, whose name means "freedom" in Esperanto, was an Italian botanist, gardener and anarchist, also known as "Calvino's gardener". When he retired, he pursued his love of plants and continued to cultivate a huge number of edible plants in his tiny garden in San Remo.

Libereso’s Box features a 24 Seed Packets Full Collection of Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers for your edible garden, and 1 can of Real Shit 100% organic manure fertilizer. 

You will be able to harvest, cook and eat the most delicious set of vegetables, the sweetest fruits the most flavoured herbs and the most beautiful edible flowers ever grown in an urban veggie garden, while feeding them with 750 gr of top quality organic manure.

Attention: due to a lack of stock all products featuring 'Calendula Erfurter Orangefarbige' will be shipped after December the 3rd. Sorry for that!

This box contains

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1 x Real Shit can

A collection of 24 Piccolo Seed Packets

1 x Tomato San Marzano Nano
1 x Tomato Thai Pink Egg
1 x Hot Pepper Jalapeño M
1 x Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Slim
1 x Hot Pepper Lemon Habanero
1 x Hot Pepper Chocolate Habanero
1 x Sweet Pepper Jimmy Nardello
1 x Eggplant Slim Jim
1 x Cucumber Spacemaster
1 x Carrot Paris Market
1 x Alpine Strawberry Baron von Solemacher
1 x Goldenberry Cape Gooseberry
1 x Basil Italiano classico (Genovese)
1 x Basil Red Rubin
1 x Basil Mrs. Burns Lemon
1 x Thyme De Provence
1 x Oregano Greek
1 x Mint Moroccan Spearmint
1 x Lemon Balm Quedlinburger Niederliegende
1 x Shiso Red and Green Mix
1 x Erba gatta Catnip
1 x Borago Blue and White Flowered Mix
1 x Calendula Erfurter Orangefarbige
1 x Nasturtium Blue Pepe

Box size

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24,5 x 16 x 30 cm (l x w x h)

Recommended for

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Garden experts, cooking lovers, retro-style addicted

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